Our Story

Our Founder and Managing Director, Tom Bilborough, was inspired to launch YouWrk by seeing an opportunity to better the recruitment process via an easy to use application. 

He felt that the sector was outdated and inefficient; employers had no say in staffing decisions and were paying high, opaque fees, while workers found low wages and limited opportunities.

We offer a bespoke platform for both employers and workers that will ensure the smoothest possible recruitment process.

For Any Organisation

We have a massive database of workers from your local area ready to start working for you now. Upload jobs in just a couple of minutes and watch as your ad reaches a motivated audience with a wide range of skill sets.

For Any Worker

At YouWrk, our mission is to help people find jobs. YouWrk strives to put job seekers first, giving them free access to search for jobs. We connect hundreds of people to new opportunities every day.

Everybody Wins

While you’re at work, YouWrk does all the important bits making sure everything is set up so that everyone’s happy – you the business and you the worker. 



“I'm so glad I found YouWrk at such a difficult time for our recruitment. We received great quality candidates in no time at all which was exactly what we needed!”

Lucy Hicklin

Operations Manager at Amazon

“The YouWrk platform made this very easy to apply and get jobs in different industries. I love the outdoors and I was very keen to take on a new challenge so working on a farm was my preferred option. I ended up making some good money and found it very rewarding."

Zoe Allport

Farm Worker

"Signing up to YouWrk has meant that we’ve easily been able to deal with the increase in demand for our products through a quick employment process which has provided us with efficient and suitable employees."

Sam Edwards

Founder at Here and Now

“YouWrk allowed me to have complete control of my career and have the option to explore different industries with the pandemic disrupting the market. I managed to find the perfect job on YouWrk.”

Roni Anderson